AIRFest 23 - KLOUDBusters
AIRFest 23 01Sep2017 thru 04Sep2017
   AIRFest 23 - KLOUDBusters   
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Tripoli Kansas #34
AIRFest 23 Registered Flyers List
Flyers from all across the USA will be joining the fun at AIRFest 23. With the lists here you can find other flyers from your area who plan on attending AIRFest 23.

You can view the registered flyer listing sorted either alphabetically by Name or by State/Provence. See which names you recognize.

KB Rockets

Flyer NameState
Nick AdamsIN
Jay BaileyKS
Donald BallGA
David H. BarrOK
Marty BeckOK
Chris BenderTX
Andrew BergerTX
Douglas BertelsenNE
Torre BookoutAR
Rick BosworthNE
Kendall BrentFL
Bob BrownKS
Jake BrownIN
Richard BurneyNE
Nik ByraIA
Peter CadraVA
Elvin CareyTX
Richard CashIN
Eric CayembergWI
Tom CayembergWI
Ted ChernokNJ
Scott ChristKS
John CliftonGA
Randy CollinsKS
Wayne ComfortAZ
AIRFest 23 is coming to the Rocket Pasture at Argonia!!!

KLOUDBusters has hosted LDRS at our Argonia, KS launch site: 1993, 1994, 1999, 2003, 2008, & 2011.
KLOUDBusters launches have been featured in TV programs twice: Rocket Challenge in 2003 and LDRS-Large Dangerous Rocket Ships in 2011.