KLOUDBusters Membership Information
K.L.O.U.D.BUSTERS, Inc. is a non-profit organization existing to promote the hobby of rocketry. The club is a member of the Tripoli organization and our current prefect is Bob Brown.

We meet to fly rockets about once a month -- everyone is always welcome to come and join the fun! Come and watch, come and fly. If you are just getting started in high power rocketry you'll find lots of helpful people in this club. KLOUDBusters Darren Owens, Chuck Mies, Kent Burnett, and John Baumfalk are known throughout the country as some of the best mentors for someone just getting into high power.

If you are already a high power expert you'll find lots of space to fly the really big rockets. Darren is well known for his very big and powerful rockets (perhaps you've read of his huge Fat Boy or 9 motor cluster Endeavor) and let's not forget John and his giant Patriot, and of course his famous Honest John! The experience of watching the flights of Kent's awesome Talon series of rockets and hybrid flights is truly a thrill.

Is rocketry just for the guys or is it a family activity? It's a FAMILY activity! Come out and camp overnight... the stars are very visible at night as there is no light pollution. Several members have has been known to bring out telescope. There is nothing quite like looking at the rings of Saturn and a few globular clusters before turning in for the night. Significant others are welcome (and have been known to fligh some really impressive rockets). Kids are welcome too (please keep an eye on them though, you'll want to be right next to your kids if anyone has a "heads-up" flight).

KLOUDBusters membership has many benefits, such as . . .

  • Access to one of the premiere launch sites in the USA, including our state-of-the-art launch system electronics and sound system.
  • Free monthly fun fly launches 7 times per year, commercial and EX (must be TRA Level 2 certified to participate in EX activities.
  • Inclusion on our mailing list for quarterly newsletters and periodic postcard reminders of events.
  • Availability to the kloudbusters Yahoo group for general and technical rocketry discussions and news updates. The e-group is limited to KLOUDBusters members only.
Membership dues are only $15 for singles and $20 for families per year. Membership dues may be paid via PayPal to payments@kloudbusters.org. Paying by PayPal is especially convenient for membership renewals. Our membership application is available 2 ways ....

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