KLOUDBusters Argonia Launch Site Range Rules
FAA Waiver for KLOUDBusters launches
The waiver for KLOUDBusters launches is 50,000' AGL. Extended altitude arrangements above 25,000' up to 50,000' must be made with prior approval from the KLOUDBusters BOD. These approvals must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the launch. The form for KLOUDBusters BoD approvals may be found at KLOUDBusters HiAlt Application (MS-Word Document).

FAA Class 3 Rockets
A Class 3 rocket is defined as any amateur rocket propelled by a motor (or motors) totaling more than 40,960 Newton-seconds (a “P” motor or greater). This distinct class of amateur rocket requires its own “Certificate of Waiver or Application” to be legally flown. All FAA Class 3 approvals are the responsibility of the individual flyer/team to submit and obtain approval. More information on filing for a FAA Class 3 waiver may be found here.  Flyers must inform the KLOUDBusters Prefect at least 45 days in advance if you intend to launch a Class 3 rocket.

Aluminum Rockets at Argonia
Rockets launched at Argonia may not be constructed of all aluminum or any other metals. Aluminum fin cans or nose cones will be permitted only if required to ensure structural integrity of the rocket during a high-performance launch. Absolutely no aluminum airframes or fins attached directly to motor cases will be permitted under any circumstances. Any metal structural components (i.e. nosecones, nosecone tips, fins, or fin cans) must be painted. NO EXCEPTIONS! Screws, rivets, nuts, washers, and other non-structural small components are exempt from this restriction. Please contact the KLOUDBusters prefect for further details.

Multi-Stage Rules
KLOUDBusters has specific restrictions implemented for multi-stage rockets flown at Argonia. Please refer to the KLOUDBusters Rules for Multi-Staged Rockets.

UAS (R/C Aircraft) Rules
For the KLOUDBusters rules regarding Unmanned Aircraft Systems (the R/C Rules), please refer to the KLOUDBusters UAS Rules. This pertains to R/C airplanes, drones, quad-copters, boosted gliders, etc. flown at the KLOUDBusters Rocket Pasture.

Other important reminders:
  • All KLOUDBusters are conducted under the Tripoli Rocketry Association Research Safety Code. All adult flyers must be TRA or NAR members.
  • Youth flyers under 18 may launch 'G' impulse from the Model Rocket area.
  • The waiver for all KLOUDBusters launches is 50,000' AGL. Flights planned to exceed 23,000' AGL require prior approval from the KLOUDBusters Prefect - application here. Contact the KloudBusters prefect for further details.
  • Please bring proper ID and Certification information (TRA or NAR membership Card) to all launches.
  • There are all popular sizes of launch rods and rails available. We have many 6' and 12' standard rails and a few rails for the large (BlackSky style) rail buttons. We do not currently have Unistrut rails, so if you require Unistrut, bring your own.
  • Projects requiring Hypertek and other hybrid systems should contact Star Rocketry for advance planning of your launch.

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