KLOUDBusters Argonia Launch Site Information
A map to the Argonia launch site is available in PDF and JPG
GPS Data for Launch Site: Elev - 1249 ft - 37 deg 10.070 min N - 97 deg 44.385 min W
Click Here for an aerial view of the Argonia launch site.
This photo was taken from a Tom Savoie rocket.
The Argonia flight facilities are located in south-central Kansas, nearly at the Oklahoma border. Argonia is west of Wellington and about 1 hour southwest of Wichita (see the maps in PDF Map and JPG Map).

The flight area is a large mowed and well-maintained pasture, known to the locals as "The Rocket Pasture". The launch site is surrounded by crop land, planted with wheat, grasses, corn or feed grains (especially milo). A bit of cattle dot the landscape (the cattle are NOT known for eating rockets or chasing rocketeers). Wide open space with gravel or dirt roads breaking up the fields into one-mile plots.

Major launches are supported by the Argonia citizens who offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at very affordable prices. On-site concessions for the input, on-site porta-potties for the output.

Monthly fun flys are held each month. Monthly fun fly launches alternate between Saturdays and Sundays to give everyone a chance to get in some flying time. We also have monthly TRA Research launches. For more info on the TRA Research schedule, please contact our Prefect. Each Spring, we take a break from flying from late-April through early July to stay off our gracious landowners primary cash crop--winter wheat. The wheat is generally harvested about mid-June and we resume our monthly launch schedule in July.

Weather in the day time can be quite warm (June through August) or cool (March, October). Weather at night is usually very comfortable, easy to sleep in temperatures. As with anywhere in the Midwest, the winds come and go. As Steve White once told me -- don't ever leave because of the weather, it'll always change in an hour!

On-site camping is available at the launch site in designated areas only. There is no drinking water, electricity or waste dumping available for on-site campers. Arrangements can be made for electricity only in emergencies. Most cellular phone subscribers have reasonably good cell service while on the Rocket Pasture. In some areas of the surrounding recovery area, the cellular coverage is less reliable.

The Argonia River Park is on the southern end of Argonia along the Chickasia River 7 miles from the launch site. The park has a limited number of camping positions with electricity and water. There are new bathrooms with showers, a dump station and hydrant for water. The rates are $10.00 per night for electric and water hook-up, $5.00 per night for tent camping, or $15 for water, electric and sewer. Reservations need to be made through the Argonia City Office, 620-435-6417 or by email at argonia@havilandtelco.com. Office hours are 8:00AM to 5:00PM Central time, Monday through Friday.

Important information that applies to all launches:
  • At all KLOUDBusters launches, youth flyers and all flyers flying 'G' impulse and under fly free.
  • The waiver for all KLOUDBusters launches is 50,000' AGL. Flights planned to exceed 23,000' AGL require prior approval from the KLOUDBusters Prefect - application here. Contact the KloudBusters prefect for further details.
  • Please bring proper ID and Certification information (TRA Card) to all launches.
  • There are all popular sizes of launch rods and rails available. We have many 6' and 12' standard rails and a few rails for the large (BlackSky style) rail buttons. We do not currently have Unistrut rails, so if you require Unistrut, bring your own.
  • Projects requiring Hypertek and other hybrid systems should contact Star Rocketry for advance planning of your launch.

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